New Ways to Verify AlertPay VCC

With the increasing hectic Business Online that, of course, involve interstate transactions, the ownership of the means of international payments can not be circumvented. Means of payment which is already very well known is PayPal and AlertPay are both secure Payment Processor used in online transactions. For those of you who want to achieve income from the internet is obligatory to have one or both. If not mimiliki, and want to create an account please read how to create a PayPal account and how to make AlertPay account.
Similar to a bank account, PayPal and AlertPay account if not verified then one day will likely be closed by the Admin. Anyway if not diferivikasi so its use is very limited, and less secure. On this occasion I want to share about Tebaru Verification Method AlertPay. I used to verify AlertPay is still easy enough to use No. Memory, but now it turns out verification in this way could not.
The easiest and fast and secure verification AlertPay currently is using a Virtual Credit Card (VCC). Here is tatacaranya, I assume you already have an AlertPay account but still Unverified, if you do not have please read how to create account AlertPay.
Before you begin the verification process, I suggest the contents of your AlertPay account 5-10 $, it will be used for validation, the final process of verification. You can buy the dollar balance out there.
1. You buy a VCC to ferivikasi AlertPay, for example, you can buy in vccmurahcom.
2. Once you get the data VCC, then log into your Alertpay account,
3. Click on Become Verified as directed the picture below.

2. Select a Credit Card Validation, click Next.

3. Next Enter your name and VCC data.

4. Next on Credit Card Confirmation, click Next.

5. Click Return to Verification Page.

6. After 3-7 days you get the code AlertPay, you log in again, then click on Become Verified. Then click Optoin B as shown below.

7. Enter the code that is sent (usually Eouro unit numbers) and then click Enter Code. Let the moment be processed, then written out Succesfull verification. process completed

Congratulations, you've Verified AlertPay account and do business online safely


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