Take Google Android Applications to the TV Widescreen

At the Google developer conference I / O this year, the company announced plans to launch Google TV to the Android Market. The first crucial step in efforts to bring existing applications to the TV screen was taken with the launch of the initial version of Google TV Add-On for Android SDK. Add-on is to make Google TV can diemulasi into the development environment, which makes the application developers can manage their job in order to adapt to new environments.Plans to upgrade the Operating System uses Google TV Honeycomb is made to open up the possibility of running applications on TV. This will make the existing system to be compatible with Android, and therefore allows to run applications on the Google Android-right TV. Along with the completion of a new application that later, the developers will also be able to connect mobile applications and tablets that are then sold through the Android Market.Early versions of the add-on Google TV currently require sebauh Linux operating system with KVM - Windows and Mac OS X is not yet supported. If the obstacle is successfully over, the developers can check compatibility of applications created with Google TV. According to information from Google, some applications may already be compatible without the need for further adaptation. It is advisable to keep referring also to the interface guidelines that exist, especially because some of the graphical elements of Google TV is different from the same element in Android devices.Google also advises developers who want to make their applications run on the Google TV to look further into the documentation support feature. If the application using the specific functions that are not available on Google TV, he will not be distributed on Android Market. Typical example is an application that normally can be controlled via the touch screen, including into applications that will require modification, generally using android.hardware.faketouch features that will emulate the touch screen controls with mouse movement. Manifest will then add a line indicating that the touch screen is not required.


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