game breeder cows

If you are the cattle ranchers, Farm Frenzy game must have been quite interesting to play. With a combination of green grass, blue sky, rainbow colors and shades that blends with the color black and white dairy cow, this game look very attractive indeed.
In this game, players are required to complete the job with a different target on each level. Examples of work to be done include: care / watering the fields as a source of feed, cattle feed in order to stay healthy, then collect all the cattle to be sold for money.
This money is urgently needed to be able to continue the game to the next level. You do this by upgrading equipment / farm equipment or by purchasing other livestock can generate greater profits, including sheep and cattle.
For the first time playing this game (initial level), will be given in the form of a duck farm animals. Ducks will produce eggs. Players will be given the option to sell directly to the town of duck eggs, processed eggs into flour, or with specific equipment to process them into bread.
This type of processing is closely linked to money / results obtained. Increasingly difficult levels of processing, the more money will be obtained. This money is then collected and used to enlarge their business. If the money from the duck farm is sufficient, can be used to buy sheep.
By keeping the Sheep, players will get the Wool that can later be used as fabric. This fabric will then be sold for more money. Furthermore, with the money which is quite a lot, players can buy a cow.
If you already have the cattle, the amount of money generated is increasing, because cows will produce milk that can later be processed into cheese, which are quite expensive. And so on until all targets are met. Players who can complete the entire challenge will get a gold medal.
In addition to the above three animals, players can also other animals such as dogs and cats. Unlike cattle, dogs and cats are not bred. Dogs will be used to help keep farms from other biantang disorders, such as bears always had livestock. While cats are useful to help complete jobs such as collecting the cattle / collecting process results from the material processed cattle.
Be careful if a bear appears, immediately brackets by clicking on it continuously on the bodice. Setelang perfect caged bears can be sold to supplement the money.
This game is not only interesting when played, when they want to exit any programs, view the game is still alluring. If you click QUIT, the display will show the cow's face asking "Do you really want to quit?", Complete with bubble-shaped two option buttons to NO and YES. If the cursor brought closer to the NO key, cow's face seemed to smile. But on the contrary, if the cursor at the hold to the YES button, the button will move away as if to avoid being clicked, plus a cow's face that looked cry. Adorable


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