How to Upload Video to Youtube

For those of you who meninginkan information on how to upload videos to youtube, here I provide information to you about how to upload videos to youtube. But first you must already be registered in the past as a member of youtube, or already have an account with youtube. If you still can not register youtube see my previous post on how to register youtube.Currently youtube to the attention of many people. Because of youtube emerging new celebrity celebrities just because they are unique to upload videos, funny and creative to youtube that is able to suck up the attention of the public to view their videos. For example, we must still remember the figure or sinta Tips mempercepat lipsing jojo singing style is very funny and then upload it on youtube later seen by millions of viewers. Likewise with justin, and who recently was still warm the air that is Brigadier Norman lipsing india Chaiya Chaiya song and dance india dance is very funny and creative.Okay, go see how to upload videos to youtube or how to upload videos to youtube:1. Go to site youtubeOn the top right corner click the button to sign in2. Enter your youtube account, or google accounts (user name and password)Then click Sign in3. Once logged into your youtube account, then you can start uploading video to youtube.At the top right corner of the page, click Upload4. Click Upload video5. Select the files on your computer to be uploaded,In this example I use a video file: clean private data firefox.aviClick Open(File this video I created using the free software CamStudio, namely softwarescreen capture video that can record activity on a computer screen and save it to a video format.)6. Wait until the upload is complete (success)You can add a description about the video, and tags for easy search engine to identify the contents or theme of your video.Select the Category that matches the theme youtube video filesClick the save change.7. to get your youtube video file link, then click "Embed and Sharing Options"Use the url to promote your youtube videos, can you put on your blog or on any other stus.Good luck ya .. But do not upload videos like redtube or ngentube hot ya know .. hehe ... aja upload funny videos.

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