Tutorial sign up at twitter

Like fb, now twitter is also a social network that is used a lot of people. Both the layman, as well as many artists who use twitter. Moreover, the gossip about facebook is closed makes a lot of people looking know about how to register twitter because they wanted to move on to twitter. For those of you who want to create a twitter account but still confused how, here I will give a guide step by step list of twitter. Sign up twitter is actually quite easy, just a few steps and you can already have a twitter account.

Here's how to create a register twitter step by step for your practice:
  1. First of all go to the twitter.com website, you will then see a screen like below, then click sign up dibundari red.
  2. After you click sign up then the next screen that appears adalh like the picture below. Remember, you must already have an email in advance, if you do not have email please register via yahoo or gmail, see how to create an email here. Fill in your name in the column name, fill in the username in the username, the username itself will be used as your name while at the mention in the twitter example when dimention @ indonesiaterbaru (indonesiaterbaru is the username), then the input data according to the required data fields. When you are finished click create my account.
  3. Then it will appear as shown below, you must enter the appropriate numbers or letters appear in an image and click finish.
  4. After you click Finish as shown above, then you will be taken to the next hlmn as seen in the picture below. You can direct the group to follow your favorite group is available or also look through the search.
  5. At number two existing friend writing you can add your friend, you also can find twitter username your friend via the search field is available.
  6. Beres deh., You already have a twitter account, do not forget to login in the email that you made the list and click the confirmation pendaftarnn twitter twitter firs.
Thus do I sign up twitter I can give to you or please also refer to info on fb. Please make a twitter in a way way above. Congratulations to use twitter!


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