Your blog New! This Powerful Ways to Increase Website Ranking in Alexa in One Month

Within one month of your blog / website you will get alexa ranking under 1 (one) million, even under 500 thousand. This also applies to your blog is really new. This method is very easy. This methods only use capital relatively cheap, even free, the important capital of energy and time only. So what if its benefits our blog a good alexa ranking? Lots. Example one. for the beroriented make money online with blogs, with a rise in ranking our blog, then the chance of getting a lot of money that would be even greater. For example, local PPC ppcindo, currently requires publishernya to mendaptarkan his first blog, hehehe .. that obligation. Look, there is a separate blog on ppcindo classification, there is an obligation to attach to what we in the Alexa ranking blogs, after we choose the class rankings provided (eg: group 1-100rb, 100rbu - 500rb, 500rb - 1 million), we are only able to get the script code of advertising and display advertising when the information has been examined by ranking blogs admin ppcindo. So, we can not lie.hehehe .. because the check manually. Well, good news, the better the ranking of our blog, then the rupiah didapatpun of any clicks will be even greater. Hence, we must change the script was when we changed the ranking blogs. In addition, the program paid review as well as many that use Alexa rankings as they are material considerations.
Well, it's one of the advantages when you want your blog memonetize. So, how donk tips / how to raise the ranking of the blog We're in Alexa? Okay, this way I can own you know from the results of my research. I perhatiin blog of a friend I know in the community batagor. He first has a blog on, and around mid-August this yesterday my friend chose to buy a new domain for this blog personal. And now, this mid-September, ranking 600ribu alexanya already know. real. please check later.
I just let you know how to raise the ranking of your blog / website now, just one that you should do, multiply the comments on another blog. That's it. Try a day 50 to 100 blogs a day you love comments, or maybe more. Try also give us comments on the blog owner's comments about going back or maybe just a return visit our blog. Or on a crowded blog visitors / comments, who knows you can visitors from other bloggers who see your comment. Wow, my internet pake pay money, tetep just need capital money. And there is free internet could know, at STT Telkom Badung that every student got a quota to use free internet on campus. If not a student there? Was working as an internet cafe operator, you can use the free internet. Or, search large libraries in the city or large campus that is free of his hot spots, take your laptop if you want free internet there. Far or ga? Ask a bayarin boyfriend, or girlfriend in the surf for free. Ga have a girlfriend? get free internet in the office where you work. Ga At the office there is the internet? Still in school? Ask for money as parents, pay pake duit of or-tu. Can not it? yes it already to the cafe, get discounts ama boss warnetnya, bilangin if I'll be a customer cafe 5 hours or more per day. hehehe .. : D
Oiya, please check the blog friends I was in Kang thanks for the lesson.


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