How to Apply Youtube

You want to suddenly famous? When this became known it is not difficult. Because by simply uploading your video on youtube, you can become very famous like sinta jojo or too justin. But make no mistake, that you upload videos on youtube video should be qualified, which shows your capabilities so you can be famous. Singing or something unique and the other from the others, surely you can cepet famous.

However, if you do not know how do I sign up on youtube, so here I will give detailed information on how to register youtube. Actually how to make youtube youtube or how to sign up quite easily if you understand it step by step. Therefore, I will show step by step how to register youtube that I quoted from, the following tutorial:

The initial step of course please go to site address, wait a minute until a full featured youtube page.
If you already have an email account at You do not have to bother to register again, because youtube and is still one network, so just click on the Sign In button in the left corner of the youtube page.
then enter your gmail username and password on youtube, like the picture below.
But if you do not have an email address at, for example, that you have is an email in yahoo you must register first. To begin registering youtube click on Create Account button
Later will come a page that contains a registration form, please enter your email address, username as you please, select a location, specify your birth date, gender you are. Once equipped all, silahkann click on the button 'I accept'
then proceed to fill the column for a password, enter the password in the Choose a password field, then enter the same password again to re-enter your password, then enter the code capta are also available below. if it is filled in all, click on the Create my new Account
If the data filled in correctly, then the next page will appear as the notice below, this page asks you to check your inbox at the address that you registered on youtube earlier, to conduct a confirmation email.
Please log into your email, then check your inbox. later there will be a shipment email from, please open the contents of the email.
dalamm confirmation email account there is a link, please click the link to activate your youtube account. (This you must do, if not then youtube account you will not be used)
After you click on the confirmation link in an email earlier, a moment will then be directed to a page informing you that you have successfully registered on like the picture below
Youtube's easy to register, just as easily by making a twitter.

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