LinkedIn not able to fetch my webmail contacts

Now, its, the very much reliable, trusted, and robust web software, doing some goof-ups, and it follows, in the league of buggy web-software. Read my previous posts for the details. Importing web-mail contacts to is not working fine, for me at least, for quite a few months now. What happens on the page?:

  • URL: Import Contacts and Invite | LinkedIn
  • Enter web-mail details
  • Click on Continue
  • reaches to the site in order to find your address-book contacts list
  • A confirmation on the web-mail page to allow with access to your contact list
  • Result: Error on the page: We're sorry but there was a problem importing your contacts. Please check back later.
Let me know if you are facing the same problem.
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Update: Today, 28-Dec-2010, is the day, when I do see successful import of my contacts to Let's celebrate. :)
Update: Today, 17-Jun-2011, after checking my contacts, told me that you have 411 friends already on its site. What? Amazing!


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