Natural and Organic Fashion Trends for Spring

The Latest Styles for Women's Fashion This Spring Season

Savour the latest spring and summer fashion trends. Natural fabrics, inspiring textures, earthy colors and rosette adornments are the latest in chic style

Winter is wrapping up nicely and the weather is getting a little warmer. Gone are the dark and dreary mornings filled with crisp cool air and layers of comfy cozy clothing. Embrace the spring fashion season by shedding those layers and investing in some of the latest fashion trends and styles the season has to offer!

Natural Fabrics, Subtle Sheen and Lots of Texture

Natural fabrics are a great way to celebrate the spring season. Organic cotton, bamboo and silk are two of the most comfortable fabrics worn against bare skin. With an endless choice of colors and styles organic cotton and pure silk make for beautiful clothing.

Silk works best for camisoles and blouses whereas silk pants require too much maintenance and wrinkle very easily. Look for silk blouses and camisoles that fall past the waistline and over the hips. Pair them with long cardigans, blazers or jackets and a pair of simple pair of leggings. Slip on a pair of beautiful yet classic ballet flats to complete the look.

Organic cotton and bamboo are incredibly luxurious and comfortable clothing. The best part about these all natural fabrics is that they wash and wear very well and will last for seasons to come. Look for naturally organic scoop neck or capped sleeved t-shirts. Capri pants, cropped army inspired jackets and above the knee flared skirts are this season’s hottest looks.

Texture is very a very important element of style because it will make an outfit pop. Try fabrics that have plenty of texture including lightweight knits, cashmere wraps, contemporary styled jackets and funky silk or chiffon scarves.

Make a Fashion Statement this Spring with Ruffles and Rosettes

There is no doubt about it; the feminine look with lots of ruffles and rosettes is in style. Rather than going overboard with the frilly girlie look make it a point to wear only one fashion item with ruffles or rosettes.

A pair of peep toe shoes, a t-shirt or cardigan embellished with pretty rosettes or ruffles can take an outfit from average to outstanding. Look for t-shirts funky feminine sleeves, a decorated neckline or a pretty embellished design and pair it with a sleek pair of trousers or; for a more casual look wear it with a flared or button up jean skirt.

Ruffles and rosettes can be found on almost any fashionable clothing item including earrings, shoes, handbags and belts. They key is to invest in organic fabrics and wear the ruffles or rosette embellished pieces with simple and classic items that won’t take away from the feminine yet fashionable appeal of the outfit.

Be Bold with Colorful and Graphic Leggings

Leggings were the fashion statement of the winter season and are still incredibly popular as the weather warms up. This time the focus won’t necessarily be on black but on leggings with color and prints.

Graphic and bold leggings are not for the faint at heart. This is for the fashionista who wants to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. However, it is important to be noticed for the right reasons. Make sure that if colorful leggings are worn they are worn in such a way that they do not clash with the rest of an outfit.

Wear a pair of colorful or print leggings with a long figure hugging cashmere cardigan wrap or simple fitted bamboo jacket with clean contemporary lines.

This spring and summer fashion season is filled with beautiful lines, comfortable styles, earthy colors and lots of feminine and chic designs.


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