Let the bible administer the augmented reality science books, NOT

Mental health part:

I realized that while going to college a student at the university level through the professional courtesy of a licensed and trained for eight years Dr. In the medical profession of psychology or psychiatry such as the case may be should recognize that an adult situation of the increased quantity of pressure on the biological process of the executive function for decision-making critical thinking short term memory and ability to maintain concentration and focus for extended periods of a task such as a college learning environment; where in the Dr. who's more common practice is to construct the coordination of the family's efforts in the planning and execution of the daily weekly and monthly management of the Health Care needs of an AD/HD child, by meeting with both the parent and the child, every three months in a clinical setting;
Whereby the child's environment at an elementary middle school or high school learning environment and basic needs routine are very well structured by the simple fact that the parents are maintaining a majority of the ability to coordinate the responsibilities achievement in the allocation of time and resources such as having meals prepared for the child clothes cleaned and scheduling mandated by the parents directly as well as the teachers and general routine operation of the adolescent education facilities; as opposed to a university environment where all scheduling operations personal maintenance tasks, healthcare plan, and allocations of resources must be managed by an adult with adhd in addition to the aforementioned extreme load increase on a substandard or weekend capacity of this person in the executive function of processing the academic information.
Much like if an adult for illustration only and obviously lacking precision of the diagnostic complexity, please bear with me as I describe a similar process:
An older adult with diabetes and an erratic food quality supply has been seen a Dr. That treats primarily juvenile diabetes because she or he was unable to afford private Health Care, now as these adult makes a decision to increase or decrease the amount of physical activity and for the sake of comparison has decrease in the quantity and regularity of foods that are assistive and effective in the management of the diabetic condition,(for comparison purpose this is like and adult with ADHD taking on a much greater quantity of information processing load; which is this case is represented by the increase in academic pursuits in contrast to the other patients decrease in diabetic managing sustinance resources {perhaps financial or environmental avalibility alterd the average limits lower})
So with the alteration in the application of the persons day to day life... in my case I was awarded the college tuition loan which some of that should have been allocated for the purpose of Health Care recovery plan and routine management with effective communication practices... Which in effect the staffs of Spartanburg area mental health has performed zero service in the interest of my ability to recover from or manage and maintain self sustaining interdependent community based well being without harm to the world around me, while I continue to maintain my progressive community impact on things like sustainability, fair trade, CSR, education, poverty, elderly, and some of the other components that are relevant here through the perspective and application of the science of sociology as a primary information technology and communications studies and applications.
The debt incurred to my life in time and financial ruin when I have demonstrated the intelectual capacity to achive the results of a good grade but I lacked the organizational tools that would have been given by the books on AD/HD by the doctor or school whom I both informed of my interaction with the contrasting facilitys as a student and patient both the school and the doctor were informed directly and intentionaly by me of dual patient/student status at the very beginning.
I think that Dr. Winter should have recognized that the need for a more frequent exercise of the oversight of the management of my condition of AD/HD (such as weekly or biweekly Dr. Visits or counseling updates of some sort) was both necessary and outside of the time scheduling capacity of his Office &Services to provide that increase in the support and management modifications for an individual home is new to the university academic experience and isolated in his community by his religious and political beliefs, as well as perhaps socially impaired in a general way because of the years of adolescent development from age 14 to age 26, without any of the support mechanisms of awareness of the necessity of direct oversight in the larger and crucial transitions of a person with AD/HD during that age range...
So what I'm saying is that in performing his professional duties mostly for children he should have been able to recognize that he would make the mistake; intentional or not; of his lack of capacity to increase the duration and or frequency of Health Care professional services in my best interest and meeting my needs to my satisfaction which at a most basic level would have been a minimum of 10 classes completed in a year of attending college; so he should have made a recommendation that I take some of the money which was borrowed to cover personal and school related expenses, while attending college; and made a more frequent counseling and Health Care management adaptations itinerary with medical professional staff and college administration staff that could have recommended some simple and highly effective measures such as reading books or listening to audio books about attention deficit disorder as it relates to adult life in the workplace and college experiences, for the purpose of what can generally be called success. Considering that the mental health counselor has not made any utilizable impact in my ability to enhance the conditions in my family life... as I have described to her endlessly the ad hominem attacks made by my family, citing money as a justification or my family members attacks with emotional blackmail, character assassination, and generally, planned and blatantly intentional attacks with rhetoric, disinformation, blaming, false accusations, destruction of mine and my grandmothers property which was food plants her and I were growing to donate to the charity food banks, or to sell to reinvest in growing more food the next spring...

13 years spent working towards a business of sustainability... and yes I learned some about permaculture back then so I was headed specifically towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility, though there was almost no easily accessible information on the applications that are unfolding in todays information technology society which will enable the logistics (throughput/transmission) of education through workforce task applications in segments to a huge global project called global economic stability and sustenance of critical ecosystem critical mass or tolerance for human industrial applications; without ecosystem cascade failure,
I am going to use the coordination and collaboration capacity of a computer server operating system INSERT VIDEOS HERE, starting a group of not for profit services which will gradually build out into applications which can be organized and duplicated (education operation's on blog is exampled in effectiveness and weakness's by university applications of similar principals, children can learn GTD method)

I must attend mental health because i committed a crime... not because the mental health is trying to help me more like cram some pills down my throat and send me on my way there is much more to honest mental healthcare than what the staff of SAMH is doing to me.
my grandparents are passive aggressive, co-dependent, borderline personality disorder, and abusive to me, each other, themselves, and the world around them through their intentionally passé efforts to let me make any progress.... yet the SAMH tried to drug me into a coma instead of helping me to communicate with my grandparents and community effectively...


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