Guarding the Royal Baby

The animals were silent. They knew I would be punished for sneaking into the barn this late at night. The pigs, pigeons, and brown dogs retreated to the corner as I climbed over a fence. One of them mumbled something.

Someone came in through the barn doors, but it was three girls dressed like female thieves. Then suddenly we were all caught red handed, but the captain of the thief girls said it was all her fault. She played it nonchalantly as she asked what kind of punishment was she going to receive (as if she usually gets it).

Then the screen focused on her and showed the captain thief trying to break a rock with a small pebble that looked like a ring with a red jewel on it. Instead of hacking away, she was carefully choosing which spots to pick, like she could destroy the rock in one blow. A male guard captain helped her, and she was slightly blushing from the physical proximity they were sharing.

Inside the rock was now a blonde girl in a blue white outfit, frozen in ice. The male guard captain and the female thief were trying to unfreeze her. Just as they were about to succeed, the male captain took off his underwear (leaving him naked from the waist down). In this world, males and females have no attraction whatsoever towards each other, but the female thief blushed a deep red.

Then the scene changed to the present. The male guard captain was standing on a rooftop at night in the rain, while the female thief was wearing the same guard uniform. They were now from one military group, and the male guard captain was angry jealous at the female guard because the royal family had  chosen her instead of him to guard the newly born royal baby. The male guard kept shouting at how ungrateful she was after all he had done for her, but she just stayed inside the room on the 2nd floor of the house.

They were lovers.

I was inside the room, teaching the baby prince to run fast, because if he couldn't, he would fall victim fast to predators. I tried running around the square room, but only managed to run the diagonal lengths. After a few laps, the baby prince ran faster than I, and started kissing me on the arm every time he caught up with me (I pulled him around the room with me). After I stopped, I picked him up and told the other person in the room this boy will be a champion.


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