Foursquare Launches Android Application Update newest

Foursquare has just released the newest update, with a fresher look and some improvements. In addition, this latest update also allows users to set up.
For those already familiar with this application will probably see a difference in the location of the 'check in' which is always located at the top. Not only that, this application is also able to show the places that correspond to the interests of users.
Here are some of the improvements contained in the current Foursquare.

  •     The new design for titile bar and tab keys, check-in is added to the titlebar.
  •     Explore new design
  •     Support for managing facebook and twitter
  •     Design venue photo gallery
  •     Added option to save photos to SD card
Although it has been improved, there are still bugs, especially poor communication with the GPS built this. As a result of this application sometimes displays the wrong location.



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