Minimalist house concepts

Minimalist home design concepts aimed at increasing the value of an entire room (exterior and interior) by reducing all that much in the room. Minimalist lifestyle philosophy represents a practical, dynamic, concise, effective and efficient, which is applied in all aspects of life including architecture, interior space and exterior gardens.

Space becomes felt relieved (empty, immortality, meditative atmosphere) according to the primary needs of residents, to optimize the circulation of healthy fresh air, and lighting is abundant sunshine (rich colors).

Minimalist house design eliminates saturation with the use of decorative ornaments, trinkets accessories. Character and quality of spaces created is determined by the existence of space itself, not by the furniture and accessories trinkets in it.

Minimalism is a translation of a style and pattern of life of today's fast-paced, simple and instant, but the quality. As for minimalism is the embodiment of the order of life, thought patterns and modern idealism.

Use simple materials (simple strong element) rather than a luxury with expensive materials and natural materials (the elements of harmony with nature). Exposure to the dominance of material (soft and hard) will produce certain effects that different.

Design and calculation of the detailed structure can save the use of materials with the results of building a house and garden optimum artistic look.

Selection of a minimalist home design, whether it's building facades, the composition of the room, interior and exterior no doubt become part of daily life as well as mirrors today's lifestyles. The more specific design choices, the more clearly illustrated how the character of the house.

In line with the lifestyle of a dynamic, trend style that is more concerned with cleanliness to the trigger element of the model building leads to more minimalist style, more accurately called a modern minimalist. In accordance with people's lifestyles are increasingly dynamic, the current trend of residential style prefers to function with a style that tends to smooth.


Minimalist house building facades are designed with a pattern of rectangular boxes and vertical lines, as shown in the window openings and air vents. Some walls are decorated with natural stone rectangular boxes with striking colors. Minimalist house design is able to show building facades of the elegant, although only by a simple finishing.

Visible building facades in a minimalist home design more dominant box-shaped with a flat surface, and avoid indentations and protrusions are curved. Finishing colors appear with a gray color is perfect. In general, minimalist architecture style in Indonesia is a tropical minimalist, which is characterized by a terrace and a wide aperture, because the architecture is pure minimalist style does not recognize the existence of terraces.

Minimalist style of the house which is currently growing rapidly has its own peculiarities in the appearance of the building facade. Often minimalist houses using stones, the game elements and the field lines, as well as the staining tends to be more daring than the Mediterranean and classical architectural styles.


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