Modern minimalist house

Mezzanine studio is a provider of online services of architects who have a home basein Surabaya,
where our design team is experienced in the field of architecture
specializing in residential buildings, shops, mini market and cafe.

Modern elements can be found on our adapted form of the building such as the latest form
minimalist, classic, American Victorian, modern tropical, Mediterranean, etc..

Our business concept is a "one stop service" where our architect services includeinitial concept,
stages of architectural design, landscape and hardscape design even to the calculation of the structure and RAB.
Our experience working with developers to make us able to work
produce the best architectural works to build an affordable price
(choice of our material, but do not forget the aesthetic priority budgeting problems)

Mezzanine studio has a stylish design of the building of modern tropical architecture
characterized by the use of openings in the house to incorporate as much natural lightas possible,
but still take advantage of the wide roof tritisan to calm home.
Please visit our gallery of recent work to help you draw inspiration
and strengthen your choice to use the services of our architect.


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