Phenomenon and the history of Valentine's Day

Went unnoticed in 2011 has entered the second month of february, O moon in the month some people think that loving since the 14th of February was mentioned by Valentine's Day, especially by teenagers in dunia.Tak exception in our country, not even a little youth in Indonesia are celebrating that day.

In this modern age have seemed quite logical when celebrating something, are we not know the origin and meaning of the celebration sendiri.untuk I was trying to raise the theme of the origins of the celebration valentine.dengan hope that we can be smarter in celebrating a event and not only went along with it.

There are several versions about the origin of this celebration, but it all leads to a story that happened in the days of Roman empire. led by the emperor Claudius 2, which prohibits the Roman youth to a relationship, got engaged and menikah.dengan reason soldiers who have ties knot can not become a formidable army.

This situation makes a young monk named Valentine, secretly collecting the young monk and given a shower of spiritual and giving them the sacrament of marriage, but eventually the action is wafted by the emperor's minions.
Kartu Valentine
Valentine eventually caught and thrown in jail will be put to death, in prison, the monk made friends with a prison guard named asterius.diceritakan Asterius had a daughter named Julia, who suffers blindness from birth.
Valentine finally tried to treat kebutaannya.Sambil treat, he taught history and religion and the universe so that she can feel the meaning and kebijaksanannya through the lesson. Julia asked, "Does God really hear our prayers?" "Yes my son. He hears every prayer. "Answered Valentine "Do you know what I pray every morning? I pray that I may see. I want to see the world as you've been taught to me. "Continued Julia "God does what is best for us, if we believe in him," continued Valentine. "Oh, sure. I really trust Him, "she said firmly.

Then, together they knelt and prayed. A few weeks later, she still has not experienced death penalty kesembuhan.Sampai dijalankan.Valentine did not get to say good bye to Julia, but he writes with a message saying so julia closer to God. Do not forget to add the words, "With love from your Valentine". Valentine died 14 February 269 and was buried in the Church of Rome Praksedes.
The next day, she received this letter. When opening the letter, he could see the letters and colors for the first time he saw. Julia cured of his blindness. In 496, Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 as the anniversary of St. Valentine's Day. Incidentally this date coincides with the celebration of Lupercalia, a celebration of the Romans in honor of the god of fertility Februata Juno. In this celebration, the Romans do sexual lottery, but then slightly modify this celebration of the church. Valentine's last name immortalized in this annual festival.
However, at around the 1960's, the Vatican remove this Valentine's celebration of the Church Calendar and forbade his people to the bandwagon to celebrate the ritual because it is clearly unfounded.
In mainland Europe this tradition developed by writing words of love and in the form of cards decorated with hearts and Cupid, the god to anyone who loved. Or give little attention to flowers, chocolates and candy.
In modern times, the habit of writing letters by hand is not considered practical. Moreover, not everyone can arrange a romantic words. Then came the Valentine cards that are considered more practical. The first modern Valentine card sent by a nobleman Charles Orleans to his wife, in 1415. When he was in prison in the Tower of London. This card is still in the British Museum.Di dipameran America, Esther Howland was the first to send a valentine card.
Commercially, valentine cards were first made in 1800-an.dan continues to this day. For those who want to celebrate monggo only and for those who do not want to celebrate too okay, so for those who want to make it more romantic to celebrate please download the songs of Jim Brickman My Valentine below.


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