Advantages and Disadvantages Compared with Blogspot WordPress

Actually the article like this is common to find everywhere danWordpress may also stale, but why did I write this article?. Perhaps this is stale for those of us or my friends who had long been in the blogging world. But I believe that this article would be useful if read by someone who is new to the blogosphere today.
Why do I prefer to build a wordpress based blog or website? It's all because I found many advantages other than WordPress. Some of the benefits and advantages blogspot WordPress, among others:

Kelebihan WordPress Dibanding Blogspot

  1. I think for beginners, WordPress is very suitable because of the easy and with widgets that may be more like the blog statistics, akismet (pemblock spam) are not met on blogspot, there may be others, the last comment, favicon, gavatar arrangements, which so easy. but now blogspot is so easy to replace themanya and now a lot of which provide blogspot theme that has been modified and so good, too, seemed worthy of consideration.
  2. friendly comment: visitors easy to comment because the comment box open directly under the posts. For those of you who like dikomentarin, wordpress suitable for you. Even now there are actually also has a column blogspot theme of his comments under posts, however, is that the problem of tax payers more good comments.
  3. Latest posts will appear some time in the Dashboard (Main Menu, bottom) for all users on, if your post is quite interesting you had the opportunity to get BOTD (best of the day) which is 10 best posts of the day and will appear for a day on the Menu Main (Dashboard) for all users on BOTD is classified according to language. Make sure you choose the Indonesian at the time of registering.
  4. Thema provided many. We stayed just choose according to our taste
    Nothing is perfect in this world, as well as compared WP.Kekurangan / blogspot is javascript not working (disabled) means you can not put any ads, AdSense, Adbrite, if yes KumpulBlogger in Indonesia, Adspeedy etc. in but also can plug a referral for example .. or if kitayang like to upload .. yes in ziddu let us also be dapet money.
    But it seems this WP (embeded version / version nembel in lho!) Intended for the person who was really a hobby blog, without any intention to advertise and look for additional income. to see more details you can see an example of a blog with blogspot can click here and here
    For an example of a WordPress blog is that you are now reading. There may be more input from fellow bloggers might be able to add in the comment, thank you.


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