History Tradition Sekaten Sultan Palace

In 1939 or 1477 AD Caka, Raden Patah as the Duke of Demak District Officer with the support of the trustees to build the mosque of Demak. Furthermore, based on the deliberations of the trustees, digelarlah activities of Islamic symbols continuously for 7 days before the birth of Prophet Muhammad In order for these activities attract the attention of the people, two sets of gamelan dibunyikanlah brainchild of Sunan Giri gising-gising brought the creation of saints, especially the Sunan Kalijaga.
After participating in these activities, people who want to embrace the religion of Islam led to utter two sentences Creed (syahadatain). From the words that later appeared Syahadatain Sekaten term as a result of changes in pronunciation. Sekaten continues to grow and is held regularly every year as the development of the Kingdom of the Islamic Kingdom of Demak.
Similarly, when shifting to the Islamic kingdom of Mataram Islamic kingdom of Mataram and when it split in two (Ngayogyakarta Sultanate and Surakarta Kasunanan) Sekaten still held regularly every year as the Islamic cultural heritage. In the Sultanate Ngayogyakarta, celebration sekaten growing from year to year basically there are three principal core include:

  1. Dibunyikannya two sets of gamelan (Kanjeng Nagawilaga Kyai Guntur Madu and Kyai Kanjeng) in majesties Pagongan Dalem Agung Mosque in Yogyakarta for 7 consecutive days, except Thursday night until Friday afternoon.
  2. Birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad SAW on 11 Mulud night, held in the foyer majesties Dalem Agung Mosque, with a history of the Prophet Reading by Abdi Dalem Sultanate, relatives, officials, and people.
  3. Giving alms Ngarsa Dalem Sampean Dalem Ingkang Sinuwun Kanjeng Sultan, a Hajad Dalem Mountains in Garebeg as peak sekaten ceremony.

    Gunungan Sekaten
    Activities supporting the event is held Markets Malem Sekaten Celebration for 39 days, an event that is the attraction for the community and outside Jogja Jogja.

    Sources: Kedaulatan Rakyat Sovereignty


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