Issues Regarding USB

USB and do often make us dizzy, too, following rangkungan various problems often encountered with USB and surrounding areas. This summary takes from various media, problems, comments and so forth.

Problems are often faced include:

How do I know if I have a PC USB 2.0?
For this issue I have discussed in previous posts, I'll just repeat a bit to find our USB speed. You can tell if your PC has Hi-Speed ​​is not difficult. Open Device Manager and select the Universal Serial Bus. If there are components of "Enhanced" USB host controller berate your computer has USB 2.0. Specially if you are using Windows 98 to under his name may be different, because the system is not available to drivers for USB 2.0. To enable USB 2.0 in Windows 98 you have to install drivers from the manufacturer default.
Currently there is a general manufacturer of USB maker is:

  •     ALi (Acer Labs)
  •     Intelligence
  •     NEC
  •     SiS
  •     VIA
  •     nVidia

USB is detected as "unknown device" in Device Manager?
Often we face problems when we plugged UNKNOWN DEVICE flasdisk or other media on our PC. Of the various possibilities of the subject bias problem caused one of the problems below, but also the bias of other factors that belom recognizable.

    USB devices that plug may need resources / power supply from outside, check whether the power supply from outside the existing one, eg adapter / betray / resources in mabil of the other USB port.

    Kalu this incident happened the first time (or on new PCs) may be due to incorrect assembly process on koneski USB port cable. In general, the cable that connects the USB port with the board there are 4 bauah Mobo (the color is usually red, white, green and black) that until one pair of all equipment plugged into the USB port does not work, even biased cause damage to your USB devices.

    Defective Components, do not expect that all the goods we buy in good condition walaupn new stuff. Sometimes we buy it from the luggage bias occurs already have a disability. Maybe coincidence that the flaw is only USB 2.0 ports only. Kalu you are new goods and the installation process and completely still suffer from this constraint, we may suspect this condition.

    All the driver has not installed perfectly, even though the driver instalai already worked perfectly, and the USB port has been detected properly, but sometimes there is a USB device when first connected to a computer requires a driver installation process is related to the USB port itself. Sometimes when the installation is still asking for the file source USB drivers in Windows XP master, in this case usually in the Windows XP CD used to install. So always provide sewaktu2 CD windowsnya when prompted during the installation of a USB device

How fast is USB 2.0?
USB 2.0 can have up to 480 Mbps data rate, about 40 times faster than its predecessor the USB 1.1 only accommodate up to 12 Mbps only. Initially only has particularly USB 2.0 speeds around 240 Mbps.

Can USB 2.0 devices connected to the USB 1.1 port and vice versa?
In principle the bias, just the speed will follow the pace of late from both sides.

They look good using a USB hub?
We could use a USB hub, but we must pay attention to correct the functions and effects of the use of USB hubs


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