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 Indian Superheroes - Victory Good eradicate crime Nagraj is a comic character created by the Sanjay Gupta in late 1980s. Nagraj, the king of snakes, has total control over these serpentes. The story about Nagraj is completely based on fantasies and science fiction. Nagraj was created by an evil scientist Nagmani, as a terror weapon against humanity. However, while performing his first task, he realized that Nagmani is a bad person and means harm to the innocent people. Nagaraj then opposed Nagmani and refused to work for him.
Since then, these two have been the biggest enemies of each other, one fighting for the bad people and the other fighting against them. Later, Nagraj moves to a metropolitan city called Mahanagar, and earns a living as Raj at a reputed TV channel.

Powers of Nagraj:

  • The most important quality is that he possesses millions of microscopic snakes of various sizes in his body. These snakes take his orders to appear out of his body and fight against his opponents. They also form structures like parachute, ropes, gloves, webs, and others on his command.
  • It is not just the snakes in his body, but he is also a good source of venom, which can kill people in seconds. Moreover, he can spit venom on his enemies called Vish-Funkaar, which is a dangerous and fatal.
  • He has superhuman physical strengths, eyesight, speed, sensitivity and the 6th sense.
  • He has the power to control most dangerous snakes like Naagu, Maanas Sarp, and Sheet Kumar etc.

Shaktiman: Shaktiman is an imaginary character, played by the Mukesh Khanna in the show. This superhero is person who possesses unlimited superpowers. However, he leads a normal life in the society as Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omnkarnath shastri. He is the chosen man by a Saint from Catapult, named Suryavanshi, to fight against evil. They taught him tricks and blessed him with multiple “Yogic Powers”. Initially, he was trained to perform only Kundalini Yoga to fire up the 7 chakras of the body that gives super natural powers. Later, he struggled a lot to gain other powers, as he had to first died, burn his body to ashes, and then evolve all over again. Ultimately, he emerged as Shaktiman with magnificent supernatural powers to fight against evil.

Shaktiman’s biggest enemy was Kilvish, the king of evil. Shaktiman fights against the vicious people and pursues the path of justice to bring harmony in the society.

Powers of Shaktiman:

  • He can fly faster than the speed of light
  • Invisibility
  • Powerful vision
  • Immortality
  • He can hear sounds clearly from thousands of miles away
  • He can manipulate the five basic elements of life
  • Supreme Physical strength
  • With these supernatural powers Shaktiman kills the Kilvish and all his minions or bullions such as Dr. Jackal, Plastica, stone man and others.


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