Is Google Fracking Up The Universe

Aaron Wall lambasted Google this morning on his blog. I can’t say it’s not justified, but he hit Google hard. Is Google really all that bad?
Quoting Danny Sullivan, Aaron Wall makes the point that if you are just a search engine optimization person then you are the scum of the earth in Google’s eyes. But if you’ve written a book and achieved a certain level of success doing something else then you get a great big nod from the search engine dudes. Of course, he’s quoting Danny from a comment he made on a Sphinn story.
Question: Are we going to start seeing celebrity flame wars sparked by professional jealousy now that the old-time SEOs have some competition from cross-overs from other areas?
OK. Pardon the sidebar. Now back to the main attraction. Is Google fracking, jacking, and hacking up the universe?

Google’s war on spam hurts. It not only hurts spammers. It hurts all of us. On this I agree with Danny and Aaron. It’s like the U.S. War on Drugs. Let’s say one thing and do another. Why should the celebrities get a free pass when you and I get kicked in the chin? Spam schmam, Google.


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