Find Any Film At UK Search Engine For Films

Well, many of us have predicted that the search engine optimization industry would splinter off into verticals before too long. Google has done a good job of leading in the general search field and has seen some moderate success in the vertical search department. But they can’t do all things.
UK searchers now have their very own search engine for films. It’s called
Actually, you’ll be able to access this search engine from anywhere in the world, but it’s headquartered in the UK.
My question for the owners of this search engine (The UK Film Council) is this, Why just market a dot com vertical search engine to a country-specific audience? Why not call it a search engine for films and leave it at that? I mean, it’s a dot com, not a dot co dot uk ( I think I know the answer. The UK Film Council wants to test its new product on a market that it is familiar with and with products that they themselves are familiar with. Presumably, there are many films in the UK that you may not get in the U.S. because of distribution rights or economic reasons. By focusing on a product to fit what it knows closer to home they can leverage the power to later roll out separate search engines for film in other countries like the U.S., China, Australia, and Russia. That’s just a guess.
Then again, maybe The UK Film Council just wants to remain The UK Film Council.
Whatever the case, looks like a good place to find films available in the UK. And it looks like a good place to market your film to if you are a film producer in the UK or you have films in distribution in the UK.


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