online investing the way bloggers and webmasters

Investing online for me means money in developing an online business quickly so that when converted in the form of cash back value to be increased many times over. His theory of the currency is always down, so if money is silenced without playing on a business will be of little value. When stored in the form of value of business assets there are two possibilities, could be profit and loss. When profit means value for money more and more property is lost if we lose. every advantage there is a risk that must be faced

Investing online

In the real world, the investment could be deposits of gold, land / property. But if online investing bloggers certainly have different ways, namely relying on his expertise as a human cyberspace. There are several types of investments online that you can try this time I discuss 3 kinds only:

1. Invest online with Premium Domains

That is, you spend your money to buy a premium domain. You do not have to buy a premium domain yangharganya millions, but it could also search for domain names that correspond with high demand keywords (much sought after).

Due to the premium domain name can contain two meanings, first: the domain name short, easy to read, easy diiangat and suitable for trademarks such as google. ebay etc.. Second, the domain made ​​up of keywords that are sought after for example: If a frequently played with the keyword tool would someday find keywords that are sought after especially if sangainnya low, just buy a domain with the name keyword. Read: how to choose a domain for business, read the error also bought the domain.

I myself have joined in a premium domain services. Our duty as a member looking for a premium domain name that we think is expensive. we may propose the name as much as possible. If our domain there are proposals that continue to exist like that we can buy $ 25 commission, but only suggested doang name.

2. Invest online with a web / blog SEO

That is, you create a blog targeted to the keyword so as to achieve a google ranking. Certainly not easy, it takes much effort, time and funds. You do not have to memonetize that still do not know how. Provided adequate and targeted price tarffiknya definitely expensive.

3. Invest online with a web / blog Monetize

This is more forward again, not only to build community and blog traffic but also make money from blogs. When you monetize your blog is fairly successful and ready to be cashed only sold enough, provided we can show screen shots of income from the blog the price must be expensive.

Some might think that, when it can produce what should be sold? There are some considerations:

  1. Proceeds from sale of monetize blog fairly large, about 10-20 times the monthly income. If normally be able to produce 1 million blogs from adsense then the price is around 10-20 million. Funds of this magnitude could be used to make the blog more profitable again.
  2. could not manage anymore. Suppose we want to retire from business online because it is old, and it turns down our brothers and children are not capable of managing our blog, forced from the blog is dead and its owner sold it better. Fair-itung itung pension ...
Cashing in Online Investment

when it comes to cashing in online investing easy, the difficult it makes the investment assets that have a web / blog profitable. To sell the domain / blog can through forums such as DigitalPoint, adsense-id, jisportal, etc. are obviously selling the place tongkrongan bloggers and webmasters. Both sell at Flippa. Another alternative please search yourself .. There may be other ways of investing online, if there is another thought about online investment in the internet please comment.


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