How to get backlinks and targeted visitors from yahoo

Increasing the number of targeted visitors is better than a lot of blind visitors because of targeted visitors means more conversions, so the amount of sales or leads or clicks obtained also great. One way to increase targeted visitors is with SEO. And this time I will discuss targeted visitors from yahoo yahoo using 2 services.
Increasing the number of visitors to the yahoo search

To get visitor traffic from search yahoo there are two main things that usually do:

  1. register your blog sitemap to yahoo. on this issue has been discussed many other bloggers, please search via google or directly mbah clay here, complete with that here.
  2. Onpage optimization algorithm according to your blog yahoo. Stephen Noton's nine main points emphasized yahoo algorithm consists of:
  • Title of page (judul halaman )
  • Meta description
  • name domain (nama domain)
  • Webrank of website
  • Webrank of link to the page ( rank website ke halaman)
  • Text link (anchor text) to page
  • Jumlah link to page
  • Page’s clickthrough rate (CTR) dari hasil pencarian
  • Page theme / keyword density
Optimization view of two main points above, the traffic in the can from yahoo is pretty good. Do not forget to backlink.

Traffic visitors yahoo answer - answer yahoo

 Source of visitors to two of yahoo is yahoo answer. Traffic advantage gained from yahoo answer here, visitors who come really targeted and could be converted very well because they are the visitors who need a solution. If your blog is really able to deliver solutions of products / services you offer will sell

Login with your yahoo id first before getting into yahoo answer. you can enter the global yahoo answer ( or yahoo answer Indonesia ( Before looking into the question "Advamced search" (advanced search). Setting with the following settings:

Match the key word in: "Question" - pentanyaan Status: "Open questions".
On yahoo global naswer setting:

Keyword match in: "Question" - Question status: "Open question".
With a menu setting as above: the word is the keyword to be searched will we get from the questions-questions arise that have not closed and we can chimed answer.

our main target is to be the best answerer. Based on statistics danpengalaman, long and complete answers will be the answer ternbaik. And do not forget to give a link a link to a page on our blog for further reference.

The advantage gained from yahoo answer when we answer well is the increased traffic because of yahoo answer also has a decent search engine ranking high.
Q & A alternative site other than yahoo answer include: and askville.

Find money from yahoo answer

Some affiliate marketers make use of yahoo answer not only bring visitors but directly converted into a sales pitch. The trick, search for potential questions that could be converted in this way in the global yahoo. After finding the appropriate questions, create a blog post a review about a product that could solve the problem in the questioner in yahoo answer. The product can be taken from amazon affiliate links, or clickbank.

After that final stage, returning to yahoo and answer questions. Do not forget to leave a trail link that you have written posts. If every day you can answer 5 pertayaan well, and index pages are also good pertayaan not preclude traffic and conversions obtained are also good.

Although your intentions are promotions, but you do not get more people reads like a promotion. Provide solutions and the benefits of the product. Make sure that the product can solve their problems, the last give the download link the product of your blog post.

Some marketers are applying this technique succeeded in obtaining sales conversion reached more than 5%. Although Yahoo is still losing a lot of traffic from google but the conversion of visitors can not be underestimated.


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