Google Picasa Now Available To Google Searchers

(Source) Finally, Google has integrated Picasa Web Albums into Google Image Search. Public albums can be enabled for a public search option, meaning your images will be more likely to come up in Google image results. And that’s a huge improvement, because previously images on Picasa (and Blogger, and Google Docs) were not searchable at all. The other Google applications are still missing out on all the fun, but Picasa images are now searchable. This is limited, however, to a Google image search.
Proof that Google Universal is becoming more universal. While the majority of searchers won’t be able to see Picasa images, this is just the first step to moving in that direction. Google has already rolled several verticals into its Universal Search feature. Now it’s just a matter of time before the search engine incorporates them all. Google images is currently available to some searchers. The next step is to get Picasa images to appear for those users then, when Google Universal rolls out of beta, everyone can benefit.


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