Basic Concepts of Information Systems

The information is very important for management in decision making.

Definition of system information is:
a system within an organization that meets the needs of daily transaction processing, support operations, are managerial and strategic activities of an organization and provide certain external parties with the necessary reports.

Another definition is the information system:
framework that coordinates the resources (human and computer) to change inputs (inputs) into outputs (information) in order to achieve company goals.

1.4 Component Information System
Information system component called the building blocks are:
input block, the block model, the output block, technology block, blocks and blocks of control data base. The six The blocks interact with each other to form a single unit to achieve target.

Block input
represent the incoming data into information system, including methods and media to obtain data to be inserted, which can form the basis of documents.

Block model
consists of a combination of procedures, logic and mathematical models that will manipulate / mentranspormasi input data and the data stored in the database to generate the desired output.

Block output
product of the information system is the output of quality information.

Block technology
is a tool box (tool-box) in information systems. The technology consists of three main parts technician (brainware), software (software) and hardware (hardware). Technicians can be people who know the technology and make it operate (computer operators, programmers, operators of data processing, telecommunications specialists, systems analysts). Software technology in the form software applications (programs). Hardware technology in the form of technological inputs (All devices used to capture data such as: keyboards, scanners, barcode), output technology (a device that can present information that is generated such as: monitors, printer), processing technologies (components of the CPU), storage technologies (all the equipment used to store data such as: magnetic tape, magnetic disk, CD) and technology telecommunication (technology that allows long-distance relationship as the Internet and ATM)

Blocks databaseis a collection of related data files are organized in such a way as to can be accessed easily and quickly.

Block control

Control needs to be designed and implemented to ensure that the things that can damage system can be prevented or if already an error occurs can be directly addressed.


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