Recycled Measuring Tape Pencil Case DIY

Do you have a ton of pencils laying around everywhere? I usually do. ;)
If so, maybe you should try making this fun pencil case for a place to store all of those loose pencils.
Supplies: 2 Measuring Tapes, 10" Zipper, Sewing Machine, Scissors
1. Cut 10 pieces of measuring tape that are 10" long. I used 2 different colored measuring tapes for a fun look.
2. Line up 2 of your pieces side by side and stitch them together using a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.
They should look like this--->
3. Repeat with 3 more of your pieces, sewing them to the 2 you already stitched together. Set those aside, and stitch the remaining 5 pieces side by side, with a zig zag stitch.
4. Now it's time to add your zipper in. If you are a beginner at sewing in zippers, I recommend taking a look at THIS tutorial.
I've never been great at explaining how to sew a zipper, so bear with me.
5.  Line up the 10" side of your measuring tapes with the zipper, placing it right side down.
Pin it to the zipper so it doesn't move around, and sew down the edge.

6. Repeat with your other measuring tape piece, sewing it to the other side of your zipper.
7. Once you have your zipper done, Fold it in half with the zipper at the top.
8. Make sure the zipper is about halfway open.
9. Sew around the 2 sides and the bottom of your pouch, closing it up. I did a simple straight stitch, and then I want back with a zig zag stitch to reinforce it.
Now, If you want you can be done here, just flip it right side out and you're done. Or you can keep going a little further, to get squared corners.
10. With your zipper on top, Pinch your bottom corners flat.
This is how it should look from the side..
11. Sew across the your corner, while it is pinched flat. Repeat with your other corner.
12. Now you can flip it right side out, through the zipper, and you are done!
Because of the material the measuring tapes are made out of is somewhat stiff, it makes flipping right side out a little bit tricky, but you got this. :)


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