Recycle Yogurt Cups into Cute Bracelets with Cath!

Hello! I'm Cath from Dreamy Colours and I'm really happy that Katie invited me to guest post! I'm a huge fan of using recycled items in my projects and using up what I have! I challenge you to see everything around you as a chance for a new project. I'm sure you'll have fun!Today I'm going to show you how to use some plastic yogurt cups to make your own bracelets!
 For these you'll need yogurt cups and ribbon/fabric scraps (depending in what you have lying around) and hot glue.
Have in mind that you'll need something that has a diameter enough to fit in your wrist so if you only have those small ones, good time to taste a new yogurt!! I eat way too much yogurt so for me it wasn't very difficult to gather them, besides I'm always save some cups for when I need to mix paint or things like that. 

Instructions1. Cut the yogurt cup, I used a x-acto knife and then even out the edges with scissors. It'll be kinda of weird in the beginning but once you get the hang of it it'd be easier. You'll have this:
2. Put some hot glue in the fabric/ribbon and place it on the bracelet. Then start to wrap it around your bracelet3. Put some glue in the ends and it's finished! 
Super easy craft right?Notes:Make sure before gluing to the bracelet that your ribbon or fabric has enough length to cover your bracelet.You can use also yarn! For yarn I only tied the ends, no need for hot glue!


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