Recycle Those Old Coffee Mugs into Planters with Kam.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that last year Taylor and I introduced our newest online class- BOLDLY GOING, A geeky craft class.

Well, guess what?! We are rerunning it again this year!
I can't show all of our secrets, but here are a couple of project peeks..
gif animators

Here are the details about our online craft class- Boldly Going!
It's 4 week ONLINE craft class, hosted on a private blog, open only to students. Class participation includes over 20 projects, inspiration posts, flickr group, giveaways and more!

We'll be using papercrafting, sculpting, altering, sewing, and other cool crafting techniques.
Boldly Going is filled with geeky projects, star trek, star wars, pacman, and so many other awesome things!
Here's a list of the projects we will be doing - except for the bonus inspiration, giveaway posts, etc.
  1. R2D2 Necklace
  2. I Love Books Planner
  3. Hero/Villain comic earrings
  4. Plush Borg Cube
  5. Calculator Book Cover
  6. Super Man Art
  7. Outer Space Cupcakes
  8. KeyBoard Magnets
  9. Nerd Tshirt
  10. PacMan Scarf
  11. Nerdy Mini Album
  12. Outer Space Art
  13. Spocks
  14. How to be a Nerd Kit
  15. Nintendo Painted Notebooks
  16. Star Fleet Votives
  17. Geek Laptop Cozy
  18. Robot Greeting Cards
  19. Superhero Cape
  20. Captain Jean Luc Picard Tea Cozy.

The class is set to a work-at-your-own-pace style, and the project blog will remain open to students for 6 months after the class ends so that you may view and complete projects on your own time.

The class is only $30 for 20 projects + giveaways and downloads! that's less than $2 a project!

Registration will be open until May 1st and the class will run May 7 through June 1st.
Pssst... Watch this! Note- The date's in the video below are incorrect- They were for last years class. ;)

This class is going to be great! Hope you join us!
xo, Katie


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