Facts About the Female Orgasm

Unlike in men, orgasm in women going through a certain process that involves virtually all parts of the brain. But behind the process is complicated, stored uniquely interesting facts to be known.
Quoted from The Sun, here are a variety of interesting facts about orgasm in women:
1. Some scientists believe an orgasm during sex can increase the chances of a woman to get pregnant. Scientific basis of this allegation is an increase in oxytocin at orgasm can stimulate contractions of the ovaries, so the sperm is forced to enter and fertilize the egg.
2. To achieve orgasm, women on average need of stimulation in the G-spot area for 20 minutes. Stimulation of the clitoris also require more or less the same time to achieve orgasm.
3. An estimated 24 to 37 percent of women never feel the climax or orgasm in her life.
4. Not all women can achieve orgasm through stimulation of the G-spot area. Based on research in Italy in 2008, most women did not have a special area on the genitals of the most sensitive to sexual stimulation so that only rely on clitoral stimulation to orgasm.
5. Cognitive behavioral therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy), testosterone therapy as well as herbs such as ginseng and gingko biloga proven to effectively improve the ability to achieve orgasm in women.
6. Orgasm proves good for health, among others, reducing sensitivity to pain, to prevent menstrual cramps and relieve stress. Presumably, those benefits is the effect of the increased hormones dopamine and oxytocin.
7. Since the days of ancient Greece to Freud Sigmun era, many doctors use to cure mental disorders orgasm in women who are called hysteria. With the same purpose, the vibrator was created as a tool in the era of late 1800s.
8. A person often can not think clearly when you're sexually excited. Brain scans to make sure that, because an orgasm, especially in women involve almost all parts of the brain and make certain parts of inactive for a while.
9. Sexual intercourse during menstruation is not recommended because there is an open blood vessels so unhygienic. But quite reasonable if there is the assumption that the orgasm at the time more easily achieved, because the blood flow in the genital areas are increased.
10. Hollywood celebrities who became a sex symbol the 1960's, Marilyn Monroe claimed to have never reached orgasm during intercourse with luminaries. Some people who he claims failed to make an orgasm, among others, manta U.S. president John F Kennedy, musician Frank Sinatra and Joe DiMaggio baseball athletes.
11. One of the unique orgasm in women than in men is that it can occur many times in a row so called multiorgasme. Multiorgasme record printed by one of the patient's physician William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian doctor in the 1970s, ie, 134 times in 1 hour, or about 2 times / minute.
12. In 1967, Desmond Morris in his book 'The Naked Ape' said the orgasms experienced by women are part of the evolutionary process. Orgasmic function not only gives pleasure, but also brings fatigue to maintain a horizontal position so that the sperm does not spill. This way people can escape in natural selection, because it has the ability to reproduce more effectively.


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