10 Types of Dates Most Popular

Hundreds of kinds of dates in this world, In Saudi Arabia there is about 400 species, not to mention in Tunisia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and California and other places. The following dates are known and many demand by hunters dates around the world,
Dates of the Prophet: Only grow in soil Medina (Saudi Arabia) and this is the date palm pavorit Prophet Muhammad, the black color, soft texture, not sweet and taste almost similar to currants.

Sekki Dates: There are two colors, for being under the yellowish brown, the harder yellow, brown more tender and chewy, it was 're sweet.
Barhi Dates: Bright brown color, are sweet, soft texture like durian, there is a little taste of caramel
Kholas Dates: Light golden brown color similar barhi dates, just that there are flavors coffee caramel, the texture is soft sweetness.
Khidri Dates: Dark maroon color is more dry, chewy, not too sweet at most manufactured, processed ingredients commonly used dates, ranging from dates content of almond, orange, until the chocolate mixture.
Mactoumi Dates: Slightly reddish black color, surface slightly wrinkled, rubbery, sweet taste,
Sokari Dates: Soft chewy texture but there is also a kind of harsh, most preferably in Saudi Arabia, a little dry and sweet.
Silaj Dates: Reddish brown color oval shape, texture soft sweet taste is
Majol Dates: Brown very soft and chewy sweet
Monief Dates: Light brown, not so great, being sweet and soft texture


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