Twitter open sourcing Bootstrap web front-end toolkit

Distribute more than 350 million tweets per day, Twitter evolved from just a regular mail service. Over the years along with his ability in terms of real time data analysis, the company also has achieved an amazing experience in web design. That experience has now been collected in a development interface that is consolidated and published in the form of Bootstrap.
Bootstrap is a web front-end device that applies the principles of HTML and CSS templates (which are added to LESS), which together reinforce twitter. Bootstrap web developers who integrate into the web interface they can use the example of front-end, and with little effort, integrates a grid system that is also used by Twitter, or trying to elements of typography, forms and buttons, or can be added to the website their interface elements such as modals, tooltips and popover
Technically it is easy to do - style sheets can be added to a website using <link rel = "stylesheet" href = " . css ">; link to LESS also may be required.
Bootstrap includes the files LESS relevant CSS files are compiled and made small, the documentation style guides, templates and sample pages. This equipment has been tested in the final version of the Safari browser, Google Chrome and Firefox, and also in the future will also support certain versions of IE. Placed on GitHub, Bootstrap available with the Apache License version 2.0


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