Modern Architecture in Real Estate Simple

Maybe for some of us know the simple house as a home mortgage that financed it with cheap rates for subsidized by the government through some designated banks. It refers to several policy developments, starting from the sales price, the maximum credit, and income from these home buyers are mostly middle to lower income.

With a selling price that limited the common logic that kualitasnyapun limited. However, these limitations make it true by a simple house has a limited architecture anyway, if it does not want to say simple?

First question, Is there a link between forms of modern architecture with the functionality of a simple house? Secondly, is there a connection between the architecture with an area of ​​modest homes that still allows T.21 today?
Lastly, is there any of our developers have a style other than to try in this field, but also participate in the changing urban landscape becomes more beautiful?

International Style of modern architecture that embraces a Form follows function (form follows function). Platonic solid formations of the all the boxes, not decorated, the monotonous repetition, is the hallmark of modern architecture. Degradative atmosphere shown by the presence of modern architecture that has been unable to distinguish himself from any building (architecture is more than just a building), though the art of spin or if the reason or both is unclear because the process has been formulated in such a mechanistic and a desire to boost the return of this degradation. This is precisely the mistake because that appears even ridicule and deformity. Observing it would have fit between the modest house that is very functional with the values ​​of modern architecture.

Development should have a simple home made subsidized minimum 36-60 square meters. Thus, this expansion will affect the amount of housing subsidies from the government.
During this type of housing development of 21 m2 to 36 m2 type based on the successful family planning program in Indonesia during the period 1971 to 1997. It should be no review of the basic needs of housing in force today, is it true occupancy size 21 M2 is still feasible for a family?
Whereas the function of the current home is not just a place to live but also a business space that it needs a larger standard for parents who want to try. Even the feasibility of a simple house can accommodate at least the separation of rooms for boys and girls.
Looking at technology development and dissemination of information fast enough today, there was a kind of public awareness for more menekaknkan artristik values ​​in various ways, including in housing construction, and this of course makes us optimistic about the future that between the selling price of the house and the beauty trade is no longer happening off but can be a trade on.
It all depends on us all, governments, communities, and developers.


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