How To Get sitelink

Many ways to discuss how easy and already I can Tautlink Practice in months, but the result is Zero, and Tiring. and it turns out my way which led to the latter although results are still unsatisfactory, well let's get started.

  1. As described in the Secret Search Engine of the most important thing first ie:
    Blog Name, Keyword Blog and Blog address.
    So the Third It is very supportive to obtain sitelink, for example this blog
    Name: Gudang Pemrograman
    Key: programming Algorithm
      If you already name, key and the address is not a big contrast to the most important key word of what became the mainstay of your blog.To optimize the names and keywords, often given me Anchor Text on each article that leads you to the front halman blog.
  2. Create a blog navigation as clear and simple as possible, so that visitors and spiders Google easily navigate through the blog.
  3. Create a unique and original content.
  4. Create a blog tagline (which contains the targeted keywords) and descriptions of the blog.
  5. Provide information as complete as possible a topic for your blog readers. If the information is there on other blogs, give a backlink to the blog. In addition visitors can easily get the information needed, membacklink to the writings of others will enhance the reputation of your blog (not labeled as stingy backlinks). Google itself states that blogs provide a backlink to post another blog called a blog that is useful for visitors.
  6. Create and submit sitemaps to Google Blog. This function updates the blog to notify Google. If you users, you can make with Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
  7. Although the last way is not so dominant, however helpful the high traffic of at least 1000 visits per day.    
 the latter how your blog is getting a gift too from om guGle !!!??? :-) :-D


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