free phone application on facebook

From day to day always brings fiture facebook-fiture which always makes the user comfortable. Not only limited to status updates, wall to wall, comment but also accompanied by either of the facebook application developers as well as not. This as a form of proof that facebook ceaselessly develop services to users.

Now the good news came from SonePhone (THE Social Network Phone). Public telephone service that is appropriate for you who like something for free. SonePhone lets you connect with someone like using a telephone. Just to capitalize Facebook as a mediator. Sophistication allows the minimization of costs, especially if the long-distance relationship (long distance).

With so many Facebook users currently it is not likely the service will be popular in its use. Unclear who initiated the pencitaan SonePhone because in addition to still new there is no special website as its home base, only provided a page on Facebook.

In use SonePhone including those favored in the past week. As released by Alfa Facebook, which puts SonePhone in position 9 of the 10 most popular applications around the world. While this SonePhone use facebook for the free service, sedankan to connect with mobile or phone will be charged. But as Facebook users, may be far more useful, though not semaniak keaktfian teenagers now. Setiaknya become a free alternative to communicate with distant family, girlfriend, friends and relatives there.

To use this service you only need to go through a series of process. Hopefully this brief tutor can help you activate this SonePhone service. Previously, to be able to use this service you need to prepare the Headset and Microphone.

For activation is quite simply by visiting their pages on Facebook, SonePhone. Then follow some steps below: