Conjure up a simple house designs to be expensive

desain rumah sederhana Who does not want to have a luxurious home? The problem, of course, not all people have a high budget to luxury homes. Actually we do not need to worry because the house is cheap or simple house designs can be transformed into a luxurious and expensive with a budget that is not too draining our pockets.
The first thing we must do is decide what style of luxury as we would like, whether luxury with classic style or modern. Decide this before you act because it will affect the type of furniture and colors that we choose.
The second thing we must do after choosing a particular style of furniture is sorting through the house. Be sure to replace items that look old. We do not have to waste a lot of stuff, but certain items that look dull and old. For furniture, we can be a little creative to save money. For example, if we choose to change the design of our modest home into a modern and expensive look, we do not have to replace our sofa.Replace it with artificial leather upholstery sofa. That way we get a sofa that looks expensive without spending much money.
Do we need to renovate the house? I think not. We may need to renovate the house if there are some parts that are damaged or looks very old. If the renovation is too expensive, we could try coating techniques. In America, this is very popular technique to transform a kitchen or bathroom. We do not need to repaint or buy a new bathtub, just overlaying it.
For color, we must adapt to the style that we want to design our modest home. If we want expensive impression and classical, warm colors like brown or dark red is recommended. The combination of white and gold is also quite representative of this style. On the other hand, if we want expensive and modern impression, we can play with solid colors like white, black, bright red, and so forth, but make sure not to choose the colors of neon.
Low-cost housing can be expensive if we look good at mensiasatinya. Before we do something at a cheap house with a simple design of our homes, be sure to work like a professional to create designs and plans mature.


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