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Currently the campaign to reduce global warming being intensively conducted by various parties, ranging from government, artists, among artists, educators, students, community and even employers were competing to create environmentally friendly products. Global warming issue is hot in the middle of society, given the impacts that will occur so horrible. Even today, the impact of global warming is already starting to look not so great though, as rising temperatures on earth, polar ice melting up to the many natural disasters that occurred in various parts of the country.One factor contributing to the global warming is air pollution due to motor vehicle fumes. In big cities like Jakarta, we can see long queues of cars and motorcycles in various roads because of congestion, just imagine how much smoke released by the vehicles stuck in traffic. Widespread use of motorized vehicles, like cars and motorcycles, as a means of transportation resulted in higher levels of air pollution, smoke released by motor vehicle exhaust disturbing presence of the ozone layer which has been protecting the earth from the sun's ultraviolet rays. According to the study, the ozone layer that protects our beloved earth has now been perforated. If this situation continues then it can be allowed to threaten the survival of living creatures on this earth.Therefore, efforts were made to reduce global warming, calls, calls for maintaining and caring for the earth increasingly widespread in various areas, ranging from advertising on television, newspapers, radio, posters, other than that we can see in some places there is a mural, pictures on the wall, which contains messages about the dangers of global warming, calls for care for the earth, menghijuakan environment and so on. One effort to reduce global warming that is a trend in the community, especially the city, was cycling when they wanted to move.The government now seeks to promote the bicycle as a means of transportation to work, for example the municipality of Yogyakarta which initiated the "Sego segawe". Similarly, the government declared the city a car free day (free day motor vehicles). Steps taken by the government proved fruitless, as evidenced by the number of people who are now starting to use bicycles for transportation in carrying out their daily activities. Government efforts are also supported with the construction of several facilities for cyclists, such as on some streets have been made a special lane for cyclists, even at the traffic light is also provided a place for cyclists. Guide signs for traffic for the cyclists were there, for example about an alternative guide.
Bicycle transportation is cheap and environmentally friendly. In addition to reducing air pollution, cycling can also nourish the body. Therefore, if we want to participate in efforts to reduce global warming so let's follow the advice the government to make the bike as a means of transportation in carrying out our daily activities. That way, the dangers of global warming is so horrible for the survival of living beings on this earth can be prevented.


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