The discovery of 14th-century BC statue in Bondowoso

The discovery of 14th-century BC statue in Bondowoso - Villagers Pekauman Bondowoso East Java  find antiquities in the days of primitive human statue sebuar men where seen at the time of the 14th century BC.
Based on this research, the statue is a primitive statues dating back some 5000 years. "It is estimated from the era megalithikum or about 2500 BC," said Wicaksano Dwi Nugroho, archaeologists from the Institute for Conservation of Archaeological Heritage (BP3) Trowulan, while at the location of the discovery on Wednesday (23/02/2011).
Nugroho said,''if the view from that tend to form rough carvings, archaeological objects were carved using stone. Because, at that time people still do not know metal. "This is the category of universal rites," he explained.


Penemuan Arca Abad 14 Masehi
The discovery of 14th-century BC statue
In addition, human-shaped stone statue is an expression of homage to the character or the ancestors at the time. Arca is also an original Bondowosoan local culture that is, not influenced by the culture of other regions added. 
Research continues to be made to the statues found by accident the citizens. Therefore, the statues were usually made in pairs. "For a while security was handed over to the District Government in this regard Bondowoso Department of Tourism and Culture Sports section. 

Penemuan Arca Abad 14 Sebelum Masehi
The discovery of 14th-century BC statue
The statue, discovered Amsari, local villagers, while digging the soil to tile materials. By accident, stumbling stone hoe. Intrigued he continued to dig by digging the ground using a sickle. "After about a half meter I dug, the rock turned out to shape the human statues in a lying position. I then told a few people around to help dig, "said Amsari time. 

Penemuan Arca Abad 14 Sebelum Masehi di Bondowoso
The discovery of 14th-century BC statue in Bondowoso
While objects in Bondowoso Archaeological recorded 900 more and with a new invention residents are spread across five districts, yet most are located in the district there are 464 sites Grujugan.
But ironically the condition of hundreds of these sites are very poor and conditions are prone to looting, the article other than in the residential area is also not as a safety fence.
And there is also located in the factory area where the Tourism Office itself found it difficult to enter the access area of ​​the plant if there is any time tourists visiting the site.
Sources: Kompasiana


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