Google Products Vertical Search Proves Google Is Far From Being Anti-Commerce

It looks like Google is changing its priorities. This is evidenced by the placement of “Products” on its menu bar at the time of the search page and the movement of “Videos” to the drop down menu where the other, less important links are. I think there are two primary reasons why Google would make this change.
First, since purchasing YouTube, Google Video is not really necessarily. Many of us in the Internet marketing realm have wondered why the search engine doesn’t just roll Google Video into the more popular YouTube product and merge the two into one. No need to promote video services when the majority of video uploaders head to YouTube anyway.
The second reason I think Google made this change is even more significant. It’s a realization that eCommerce is here to stay and the fact that Google now allows users to search for Products, and in fact encourages them do so with this link in a more prominent location, is to give everyone who sells any product online a bit more legitimacy. Of course, recent changes in the paid links policy at Google has met with some backtalk from many SEOs who have criticized the policy and accused Google of not caring for people who are online to make money. This move seems to indicate otherwise.
Google is clearly not anti-commerce. I think their main concern is creating a fair playing field for all businesses and websites at various levels and stages of development. Google Products makes it easier for online retailers to market their products to the right markets. Now if we can just get them to include this vertical search in its Universal Search platform then consumers who look for the same or similar products often can have a personalized marketplace of trust websites that will make shopping easier for them.


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