Case Chronology iPad Dian and Randy

Detention Randy and Dian, seller iPad through a website forum called into question many social media. Starting from a fad to sell the iPad, the two men now in custody.How the story?Dian and Randy's lawyer, Roy Virza Hizzal, said Randy initially went to Singapore with his extended family. In that outing, each family member to buy the iPad. Because it already has a steady job, he is just for fun selling his collection iPad.Randy then sell 2 iPad to Dian, each iPad 16 Gb worth Rp6, 6 million and iPad 64Gb worth Rp 8, 5 million. Randy profit 300-400 thousand from the sale. Dian then sell 2 IPAD through kaskus site by taking advantage of about 150 thousand from the sale price of Randy.The sale was conducted by the wife Dian, who opened the bidding at kaskus. "So Dian offers 2 IPAD through his wife" he said when contacted VIVAnews, Saturday, July 2, 2011.Offer is successfully attract buyers who turned out to police. In fact the two had exchanged phone numbers and pin BlackBerry. The buyer was asked if Dian has 8 units of the iPad.Because only sell 2 iPad, Dian contacted Randy who has some units iPad again. Finally they agreed to meet at the Plaza Citiwalk on 24 November 2010. Dian and Randy bring iPad 8 units to order.At the beginning of the meeting, the buyer still has not acknowledged his identity. When they examined the goods, the buyer asked if there was a book in Indonesian language manual, both said no. Dian and Randy and then arrested by Jakarta police with evidence iPad 8.Before the arrest, police asked Dian office locations. Officers then searched his office.But the police did not find any IPAD because the company is not engaged in Dian electronics. Then they were herded to the Polda Metro Jaya.Taxable ChargesPerformed during the manufacturing process Interrogation (BAP), they are not arrested for having a clear identity and cooperative. Both are charged with Article 8, paragraph 1 letter J Law No. 8 / 1999 on Consumer Protection and Article 52 paragraph 32 junto No. 36/1999 on Telekomunkasi.When the dossier is complete and transferred to the prosecutor, both then arrested on May 3, 2011. The reason, they violate Article 8, paragraph 1 letter J Law No. 8 / 1999 on Consumer Protection. The threat of sanctions was arrested and a maximum of 5 years.The first phase of the trial occurred on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 with the agenda of the witness evidence. In the present trial was the arresting officer Dian and Randy. The next hearing will be conducted on July 5, 2011.Firza say they do not have the specific purpose of selling iPad abroad. Both have a steady job."The goal on a whim, because Randy is often traveling abroad so odd just sell electronics" said Firza.


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