How to quickly create a new blog site blog authority

How to quickly make a post about a blog blog authority site is a continuation of the way the bloggers online investing is to create a blog site authority. What is an Authority site? Maybe people and other bloggers have defiinisi laiin but for me the authority sites are sites that are trusted by Google as a primary source of a particular topic or keyword.

The advantage of the authority sute certainly gain the trust google so much easier ride ranking in google search results, easier ride Page Rank, banned from google safer, faster into the google rankings.

Use the services of SEO Tricks

The point is that google already believe that our blog is one of the main sources are the only other imitators our blog finally preferred.

To create a blog to be credible in the eyes of google is definitely not easy, especially the topics we've discussed many times in talking about the blogs and other sites. Therefore, the technique I'm talking about here is the new blog is really prepared to become the authority site.

The main purpose of this new blog is as an investment that will come at the right time can be cashed by sale or remain manageable due to the large traffic.

The main key of making this blog authority site generally consists of 3 that be first, trusted backlinks, complete.

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