Quick on the received list of Adsense

I've never made toturial about how to create a blog on blogspot, but only for beginners who do not have a blog. Well after that I did not continue with the tutorial, not because of laziness, but more due to already very much a blog that presents a tutorial blogspot.Tersebutlah among both Agus Ramadhani (o-om.com) and Kang Rohman (column-tutorial.blogspot.com), both of them is in fact where I study.

This time I just wanted to make way or the accepted list of tricks in order to quickly create a new adsense have a blog on blogspot (this based on my experience that already have adsense acc in 3 pieces).

Suppose now you've got a free blog at blogspot (still remember if ever you are asked to create a new blog on blogspot, with different topics), but the content of your blog all speak Indonesian, this will be a problem for you at a later date if you want to try earn dollars through google adsense.

If a blog that we have registered to come into play adsense is a blog whose primary language is Indonesian, it is probable that even if accepted then you will only be allowed to display advertising model for search. Who's advertising model that others are not allowed. Not yet know how long this situation lasts, but from what I read until writing this post, the language of our country is still not in support by google adsense. Read more please see here.

Well if you still want to display adsense ads (other than the advertising model for search), is actually very easy way, based on my experience this method is relatively quick acceptance, my adsense acc 3rd takes between 6-12 hours for a list of adsense.

First, create a new blog (preferably blogspot, knowing his own blogspot that was owned by google, that is still one company with adsense), which will be on the content of the English-language articles. Specify a popular blog topic, such as business, healthcare, or technology.

Second, open a free article directory, eg ezinearticles.com, or articledashboard.com, nah deh select the categories you want for the post in your blog.

Third, post a minimum of 10 new articles in your blog (which is taken from ezinearticles.com, do not forget, if you take the article from here should be complete and Article source, (if you do not wish to be called thieves content) and do not forget the date of first posting dimundurin, yes ... maybe three months was backward, and so on up until the last posting, blog posting has an impressed min 5 per month. If you do not know how to set the date of posting on blogspot please read here.

Fourth, after you taste is enough various English-language article on your blog, get a list of the adsense now here. Fill in all due form, and do not forget the column language Web site, fill it with Home. In the column Payee name (full name): if previously you had to register using your name, then this time should use the name of another person, eg, wife, brother, sister, parents, neighbors can also be, an important have ID cards, and the name that will you register must match the ID card (not less-even a single letter.)Regarding the address of hell, this was possible based on ID that will be registered, but there's also why the register address is not based on ID, the most important real-tuh address should be very familiar with Postal officials, because many new teman2 adsense list PIN never been to his house .

This PIN function is to make the verification process by google adsense publisher of earnings (income) it has reached USD $ 10 (if used still USD $ 25).

Now lastly, if its quasi already you are doing, please deh list, and then just wait for the prayer. And if it is accepted, I say congratulations, and immediately think how to bring high traffic to increase your adsense income, and never even play how to cheat in adsense, sustenance derived from the way that one normally would not be enjoyable.


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