Yahoo! Image Search Boasts New Design, Galleries and Facebook

Image Search Boasts New Design Today, we are unveiling a brand new design for the Yahoo! Image Search results page – one that provides you with a completely immersive and engaging image browsing experience.

The new search results page sports a neatly tiled look, with each image equally sized, then becoming larger when you hover over one.
In addition to displaying the best images from the web, the new Image Search includes three new category tabs to better categorize and present the images that interest you:
  • Latest:  The “Latest” tab will automatically appear for image search results of trending topics, such as images of events, celebrities and news. For example, the “Latest” tab appears in a “President Obama” search shown below.
  • Galleries:  The “Galleries” tab will appear for image search results that include photo galleries from Yahoo! News, Flickr and OMG.
  • Facebook: If you choose to connect your Facebook account with Yahoo! Image Search, a “Facebook” tab will automatically appear if your search results include matches from your Facebook friends’ name, photo album names or album descriptions.

One of the most significant changes we’ve made to Yahoo! Image Search is the way images are displayed and navigated. By clicking on any image on the search results page, the image will appear on a fresh page allowing users to browse effortlessly through full-size images with a simple click on the desktop browser.

That’s right, no more clicking back and forth between pages to few the next image result. Available for all four sections– Top Images, Latest, Galleries and Facebook – we believe this provides the most clear viewing experience, letting you easily flip through images without missing a single detail.
We’re still enhancing Yahoo! Image search to bring you a stunning image search experience that is fast, clean, timely and personal.  Stay tuned for more design changes and integrations in the coming weeks.
Check out the new Yahoo! Image Search results page today by doing a search on
– Girish Ananthakrishnan, Image Search product team


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