Getting it Right with Enterprise SEO

Getting it Right with Enterprise SEO Yahoo!’s David Roth recently sat down with Markus Renström, our head of SEO, and discussed the recent significant success SEO has been enjoying at Yahoo!. He detailed this information in the Industrial Strength column in Search Engine Land. Here’s an excerpt from the article:
At many large companies, SEO is an uphill battle, so any victory should be fully celebrated. I asked what happened that enabled him to be so wildly successful in this case, and he told me there were three things that caused an SEO tipping point:
1. Executive Support
2. SEO involvement early in the project
3. SEO ownership of standards
Executive Support
As I’ve mentioned before, executive support is a prerequisite for SEO success in a big organization, so it’s great having leadership that is vocal about SEO.
As you may know, Yahoo! recently hired a new Chief Product Officer. He is a sharp, energetic leader who also happens to be a big fan of SEO – he mentions it at all-hands meetings, and even includes it as part of his monthly business reviews at CEO staff meetings. Since his arrival, many Yahoo! products are evolving with the imprint of his leadership.
One recent project involved a retooling of the building blocks of some of our media properties. The project, Yahoo! Publishing Platform, was meant to standardize publishing for our content-oriented properties such as news, sports, and finance, globally. News ended up being at the top of the list, and the product folks in News are huge fans of SEO.
To read more, check out the full column on Search Engine Land.


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