the term Black Hat Hackers

Hacker has a negative connotation because the public misunderstanding of the difference terms of the hackers and crackers. Many people understand that peretaslah resulting in loss of certain parties such as changing the look of a website (defacing), insert the virus code, and others, but they are a cracker. Cracker was the use of the vulnerabilities that have not been repaired by the manufacturer software (bugs) to infiltrate and damage a system. For this reason the hackers usually understood is divided into two groups: White Hat Hackers, the true hackers and crackers are often referred to as Black Hat Hackers. some well-known black hat in Indonesia is v3n0m, ncell the legendary saint and is mistersaint

White Hat Hackers
Having the ability to analyze the weaknesses of a system or site. For example: if a hacker tries to test Yahoo! site confirmed the contents of the site will not be messy and disturb others. Usually hackers reported this incident to be a perfect repair. Hackers have ethical as well as creative in designing a program that is useful for anyone. A hacker is not stingy to share his knowledge to people who are seriously in the name of science and virtue.

Black Hat Hackers
They are the designation for those who go into other people's systems and crackers is more destructive, usually on a computer network, bypasses passwords or licenses a computer program, knowingly against computer security, deface the (changing the web home page) belonged to someone else even up to delete the data of others, stealing data and generally do the cracking to his own advantage, malice, or for other reasons as there are challenges. Some of the piercing done to show the security weaknesses of the system.


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