Kill insects instinct Strong

We know the insect as one type of living creature with the most population on this earth.Of the many insects, there are harmless, but some are dangerous. Well, insects - insects below may have been designed as the perfect killing machine, even they may be far more efficient and better than other creatures.
Insects - insect below seems indeed designed as a perfect killing machine. Indeed, most are harmless to humans, but some insects can cause serious injury to humans. 1. Robber flies

We all must be familiar with the flies - flies flying around us. Flies are more commonly known as a carrier of germs, even from the school, the flies are considered as detrimental to the human animal. Flies that we often see at home is just one of many fly species ever found.
According to scientists, skitar 120,000 species of flies have been identified and some of them are deadly predators completely different with lalt frequently encountered, and robber flies are one of them.
These flies have a keen vision, can fly at high speed, and catch its prey in midair. When the fly gets its prey, he will inject a neurotoxin and digestive juices through his mouth which is designed in such a way, then he will suck the prey body fluids to dry. Almost any type of small insect prey from lalt menrupakan this, even the spider yangkuat jairng unable to restrain the rate of this fly. Although these flies have a poison, but it is not harmful to humans, only if bitten by these flies, then the pain will be tremendous.
2. Tiger beetles

Everyone also knows if the cheetah is the fastest animal on earth capable of running up to 115 km / h. Compared with these tiger beetles, would be very much the comparisonbecause the beetle is only capable of running at speeds up to 8 km / h. But wait, if the size of the beetle is the same as the cheetah, the cheetah will then struggling to pursuethis beetle because it is capable of running as fast as 500 kilometers / h and will probably replace the cheetah as the fastest animal on earth, even the mass-madesupersport cars would be difficult after him.

That glimpse of the ability of these beetles. I was so fast he moves, until - until he had to stop several times to determine the location of prey. Once he determines the locationmengsanya, he ran quickly to grab prey. Besides relying on speed as a weapon to killprey, the beetle also has a strong jaw. Because of its exceptional ability, the beetle isused by humans to control pests such as caterpillars, grasshoppers and other insects.


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