Looking Under the Sea With Google Earth

fitur ocean google earth
fitur ocean google earth

You certainly have not tried Google Earth, you know it's a site made ​​by google that can help us find the appearance on earth, in certain areas that we want to search. Not only that, Google Earth also can know the boundaries of a State, including those still in dispute.

Well now, google berancana to add features that are in google earth to be able to see into the water (sea). These features are named after features of Ocean. When interviewed in @ america, Jakarta, Monday (23/05/2011), Michael T Jones, Chief Technology Advocate Google says, "There is still much information can we dig from there. For example the lower surface of the sea, many are not yet known. "

This feature is certainly expected to help scientists or pamerintah. "For example we can describe the ships through the region," said Jones. Its function, in the context of Indonesia, Jones explained, "We can know if there are ships that go steal our fish."

It's going comrades exclaimed, because with that later we can find plainly Linta shipping in the world, including the pirate ship.

Under the sea any information he can be seen, perhaps with a different color on the level of depth, well we just check directly to find out how the features above ocean, because frankly I myself have not been there.


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