Ideal Breast Size What Women Sih?

This time we will talk about one of the organs that exist in women, namely breast. Wow, please deh do not think how ... Do not like elementary or junior high school kids who do not understand about beginian, understand the child does understand the present, only if the child is still whole connotation so far at least not a porn - porn, right? hahaha

ukuran payudara perempuan
 Well, we continued .. This article I can be of if not wrong. There said that there is a reference to mention, ideally each breast weighs about 750 grams. The height of the outer circle until the nipple ranges from 10 to 15 cm and volume between 350 to 500 cc. When adjusted according to bra size, then the result is a 34 B to 36 B. Wow .. kok said wow really, really that much bra size somewhat large tuh ya? Sorry, I'm also not understand, I'm a man .. hehehe .. If the male organ problems might understand me a little, it's a female problem, so the NOT so the schools .. hihihi ...

Continue, whether breast size 36 B This is a healthy breast? The answer, not necessarily. Therefore, Dr. Irsan Hanafi, Sp OG, asserted that women should not be discouraged if you have the breast size is smaller than that size. "The important thing is to remove milk smoothly in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of the baby," said a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology of the Hospital of Jakarta.

Well, the growth of breast self-determined by the hormonal and genetic factors. If a girl comes from a family that the women have large breasts, it is likely to have large breasts she was taller than children from families that were not large-breasted women.

At the time of breast development, estrogen is the most important hormone. Certainly, estrogen does not work alone. He was assisted by the hormone progesterone, prolactin, and growth hormone. Everything works the same "growing" the breast, especially when puberty.

yes well have had breast problems .. Hopefully the girls and adult women tetep feel confident regardless of the size of her breasts. The important thing is your sense of humor, and your partner can enjoy it when dealing with you.


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