Contemporary-Family Houses Architects Bates Mesi

This house was built by Architects Bates Mesi, downstairs is sometimes used when family comes to visit. This house is perfectly designed to accommodate families who want to relax and forget the bustle of the city. This contemporary home is very unique designs, such as living room an inviting view of the garden or a place to read between the library and the forest. In connecting one room to another, the house is equipped with multiple pathways and alleys. We can see the kitchen cutting board with rolling feature ride that allows everyone to participate in cooking activities. The dining table is equipped with a stainless steel tube that can be rotated to reveal the candleholders. Every room in the house has a unique character as described by the architect "Even the morning routine into an event", "Clients want to have a private home that could become a gathering place for families". glass windows were installed to minimize environmental impact. This contemporary home is the perfect place to spend time with family during the holidays or summer term.


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