Three important points to overcome google panda

how to cope with google panda update to your blog / website we still exist and keep visitors coming traffic from google. Its main target is not only traffic but also to avoid the arrival of banned google updates, traffic visitors ride - at least stable, and able to beat the blogs autoblog models or auto-generated content.
If in earlier times google update only focus on two main issues of network and content but the present has changed. Progress internet world forcing google should be smarter and go with the flow so that the update google panda now trying to deal with three key issues namely:
Quality website content according to the algorithm google panda
If it had provided all the HTML codes suggested google already exist, all meta tags like meta keywords, meta description is also available so you can smoothly blog flooded with visitors from google.
But now, because smart AGC blog, blog autoblog create the script, so the algorithm google is now adding a new subsection of the bounce rate as low as possible.
On this topic, I myself have discussed in cafebisnis. read:

So how to lower our blog baounce rate as low as? will in time I kasihkan tricks. 
Attach the VS algorithm backlink spamming google panda 
backlink spam problem has long been an enemy of google, because google is based on the initial concept of backlinks as a benchmark basis that the website is popular and well liked, so comes the term Page Rank. 
But it turns out that his name could be cultivated backlinks, can be manipulated, can be paid google finally forced to update. Backlink most suspected as a source of comment spam is a backlink and profile forum. 
Rather than attach comments, and attach the link in the forum is not effective but may not be as good as his score first. Now the trend is the backlinks from social bookmarking, edu, blog posts. Attach nofollow blog comments from a high PR.
Attach forum profile enough from edu and gov forum
Use anchor pairs do not vary with an anchor alone unless you do it slowly.
Vary your backlinks from different types of website such as comments, private network of blogs, forums profile and signature, article directories, etc.

3 poin penting mengatasi google panda

PROVE social influence in google
The success of facebook, twitter, tumblr and other social websites google aware that internet users now not only want to read and download but want to also interact. Sonow, Google lists the social PROVE as one of the factors of quality websites.
The trick? If any backlinks to your website on twitter or facebook means your website is favored by an active user. although it also can be tricked, but at least the blog iscompletely neglected and have a community.
Even now google launches google plus as one form of visitors vote on the quality of content quality.
So in short how to cope with google panda update your blog content is a good way,visitors feel at home in your blog, backlinks natural, coming from high PR, scattered invarious types of websites, as well as many social networking websites quoted in yourblog would certainly like google. Prove it by trying it now.


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