secret key to the success of the amazon affiliate money

The key success secret money from amazon affiliate is a summary of the material and a complement of three old posts before, among others:
1. selection of topics and products amazon
2. Mechanical write reviews affiliate products amazon
3. Optimization techniques amazon affiliate ministe
although this is a summary but it does not mean there is no additional material, especially for members of this blog. At the end of this post I will love the bonus that simplify the way you work.1. Selecting Products amazon affiliate
This stage includes the most important and determine how much money you can generate. Remember amazon about 4% commission just so choose products that are expensive but are also popular.
I have a lot of amazon product lists are expensive but also many in search of people, you can download it later at the end of the post.
Examples of products with hargamahal amazon and popular among other things:
FUR-MFDBB Furuno NavNet 3D Black Box Processor-Inputs From GPS with Antenna, Radar, Sounder Module, and Weather Receivers
Callaway X Men's Individual Irons RAZR
Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym (Refurbished)
and many more products on Amazon that cost $ 1000. Although expensive, do not be afraid not to buy there because every product has its markets. Despite the financial crisis is everywhere There must always be rich people want to find the product expensive.
There are many products on Amazon that cost $ 1,000 from the category of sports, electronic, computer, outdoor tools, TV and Video, Motorcycles, etc.. Collection list of products that I have reached hundreds more and the results of my experiment to make ministe amazon, commission products that I sell at $ 25 for all sales. For member AyoBlogging at the end of this article you can download all the products listed amazon expensive.
Minisite that I made only offer one product only. by searching around 3000 per month.
Product you choose should have a lot of search, the search for me around 3000 per month is enough.
Consider the competition, do not market a product that strict and tough competition in translucent. Remember your goal is to reach number one on google. Unless you believe that your SEO strategy steady and always passes the number 1 google please just play the tight competition in the product.
And the most important thing is to buy a domain using the name of the product. about purchasing the domain that fits tricks for SEO I have discussed in posts How to choose a domain for your online business.
If it turns out you're out of capital, not have a domain hosting can not buy there is still a free alternative. But do not make at, I discuss briefly later.2. Write a review amazon
If the product selection is complete, the next stage of making ministe and write reviews. Create a simple site with wordpress. Do not forget to create a page about, privacy policy page, and if necessary contact page.
And the most important part of your review. Before you write reviews you should learn right products to no trouble making a review.
Write your review with a long reach 700-800 words.
Point beratkan your review on the benefits and advantages of the product, and as a complement to provide information about its features.
Give a touch of a video review and also pictures of the product.
Do not forget your SEO optimization review articles such as H1, H2, H3, blod, italic etc..
If you have difficulty writing a review, you can search for content writer or copywiriting and explain that you want to create a product review.3. Optimization and Promotion
The next stage is the conversion optimization and promotion. Minimum conversion target is 1%. If under 1% means a review and a minisite you are still below standard.
Conversion is determined by many things, among others, review you wrote. pemlihan word on the Header, the header color, images you pasag in review, Videos that you plug in the review, the position of installation of products and more backlinks.
The most effective promotion is to be number one on google of the keywords the name of the product you are offering. When people enter a keyword to google means there are 3 possibilities desired by the person:
1. He wants to purchase it,
2. He was looking for reviews and information about that product to be purchased or compared with other products.
3. the latter are looking for other information related to the product eg how to improve its products that have been damaged.
When you buy domain names containing the name of the product, and the reviews that you write already fulfilled the onpage SEO then your task is only a matter backlink campaign.
Backlink campaign you can do this manually, or with a tool or can also hire the services of pairs with a backlink. I myself have been offering services with a software plug backlinks SENuke X.
But of the many techniques it is best to install it manually and natural backlinks. To install the backlinks I prefer to use services of professionals and people who have proven backlink diberikanmemberikan a permanent effect and we will make the site could be a google ranking.
Henceforth I will give a list of services that are proven effective backlink blog could make you reach rank 1 ministe google. Embed these services manually backlinks naturally and therefore the process takes time (around 1-2 months). The effect was also shown to be more permanent and durable. Some users even can reach a google ranking in under a month
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